Werner Aerts

Heidi, creative jack-of-all-trades with an eye for beauty and detail

Heidi is the confident woman who inspires Werner. His biggest fan but also his biggest critic. She comments on, improves, innovates and helps shape the collections.

Her eye for beauty, shapes and colors makes her intuitively feel what a woman longs for. In her dealings with people she easily connects on a deeper level so that she quickly understands the core of their being.

"Because every encounter is unique, I experience communicating with people as enriching"

Heidi De Roovere

Werner, artist in precious metals

Already as a child, Werner translated all his observations into countless drawings. It was through those drawings that he discovered his interest and aptitude for design. He learned everything about diamond studies from his father, a diamond cutting teacher, and was trained as a goldsmith.

His passion for the craft, years of work experience and talent make him a master goldsmith, so that he not only designs unique jewelry, but also has the technical skill to perfectly execute his designs.

"To me, every jewel is an expression of my imaginative, inner experiences. And a form of communication between myself and other people"

Werner Aerts