Aesthetics are fed by craftsmanship

Werner Aerts jewels are all authentic, exclusive jewels. These artistic jewels feature a modern yet timeless style with an innovative design. The haute couture of the jewellery world: Werner Aerts jewellery is always specially created to your specifications.

Aerts Collection by Werner Aerts: Belgian Handmade Jewelry

Connect your memories

Modular jewels: all your beautiful memories linked together.

Aerts Jewelry by Werner Aerts: Belgian Handmade Jewelry

Share your memories

When memories become tangible...

Aerts Atelier by Werner Aerts: Belgian Handmade Jewelry

Shape your memories

Cherished memories, durable shape...

Heidi De Roovere and Werner Aerts have been a couple since July 4, 1983. They are 2 dedicated people: in life, for their family, for each other and for their profession. They feel an affinity with the core of the authentic, and translate this into their jewelery collections. With Heidi as a creative centipede and Werner as an excellent craftsman, an exceptional cross-pollination is created. This symbiosis between each other is the basis for everything they do.