Werner Aerts

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Piece by piece our Werner Aerts collection ® jewels represent authentic jewels. They combine the bold and artistic characteristics of Werner and the refined elegance of Heidi to result in a harmonious piece.

The haute couture of the world of jewels

Time and again, Werner Aerts collection ® jewels are handmade and custom-tailored by Werner Aerts himself. These artistic jewels are characterized by a modern yet timeless style and a modern design. All models from this collection are registered in order to prevent reproduction.

According to your own special wishes

While preserving the basic design you can fully determine the realisation of your jewel: the colour of the gold, the presence or absence of gem stones, the colour of pearls,… In this way we can provide you with a highly personal bespoke jewel.

Unique numbering and certificate of authenticity

A Werner Aerts Collection jewel is an investment for you and the generations after you. Therefore each piece of jewel is engraved with a unique numbering, which guarantees its authenticity, high quality and exclusivity.

Each jewel is accompanied by a detailed certificate of authenticity when it is delivered. If you wish to hand over your jewel to a family member or an acquaintance, we can adjust the certificate with the details of the new owner. In case the jewel is sold on, we can also determine the current and correct value of the jewel for you.

“We strongly believe in a personal approach, as no two women are the same. Therefore, we make sure you will return home with the jewel that fits you.”